Jeremy Thurlow – composer

The CD of your recent works gave me great pleasure.  I’ve listened to them repeatedly and find them extremely seductive. I loved their real freshness, lightness, and innovative élan. Henri Dutilleux






Instrumental music

Vocal music


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” …  Jeremy Thurlow demonstrated real mettle in his piece The Will of the Tones. Single notes and quiet resonances gradually built into a surging, shivering mass, spiced with delicious harmonic jolts.  All very satisfying, and meat and drink for [Rolf] Hind’s fingers.  …”  – Geoff Brown, The Times.


” [ JT’s ] piece A Sudden Cartography of Song brought in a welcome breath of wit, life and fresh air.  It had a musing text [by Alistair Appleton] about all sorts of things – memory, nostalgia, how a baby learns, the private world of the deaf community.  Jeremy Thurlow’s music – sung with lovely purity of tone – was as quirky and tenderly affecting as the texts.”    Ivan Hewett, Daily Telegraph.

Images: Rose, by Paul Klee; CCD in Properties of Light – photo by Claude Schneider.