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6a00d8341c339953ef00e54f4f3fbd8833-640wi-1– Or you can jump direct to an individual post from this list (which is a selection, not the full sequence).


A London adventure | Exotic bloom | Winter’s Journey | Self-ablaze | Ceci n’est pas une pipe

Quicksilver -new video | The Wild Places | Gazelle | Two steeples and a trio | Penillions & harpsichords | 21st-century Machaut |

On the joy and anguish of titlesSoft-born measureless light | Alien visitationYves Bonnefoy | a visit from Korea |

the Ouija project | light/dance/video | simeon’s song | escaping eye | CarmenElektra in the warehouse | Dutilleux@95 |

Vanessa & Virginia | Man-Cockerel in Manhattan | Light Matter | dancing uphill | celebrating Purcell |

Keats’ nightmare | Fitzwilliams in America | Messiaen’s Bird Dramas | Butterworth Award | BBC Singers go to sea |

Alistair Appleton video-opera | BBC Phil/James Macmillan | Henri Dutilleux and the music of dreams |


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