Exultation is the going – a soul faces the unknown in full-throated song – visionary words by Emily Dickinson.

Search Engines – exploration, technology and imagination: a piece for full orchestra poised at the interface of mind and machine.

Under the shadow of wings   A movement from Ouija, where the solo violinist is a spirit- medium, communing with invisible voices from the past. Here s/he discovers a vast crowd of all those who have played, listened to and loved Bach’s violin music – the sound of the innumerable voices of this crowd is like a reverberation of Bach, in which the soloist can lose themselves.

Among voices   Another movement from Ouija. Here the spirit-medium finds themselves buoyed and soaring among a whole crowd of voices singing similar lines, as though swimming in the midst of a shoal of fish.

Unbidden visions  John Keats muses on the natural world, and finds himself drawn into a nightmare.  For tenor, horn and piano.

The Will of the Tones   Imagine notes reproducing like cells, one by one at first, til they gain a critical mass and become a seething swarm, an organism, driven by the collective ‘will’ of its own cells.  A solo piano piece for virtuosos only.  more

Virelai a seven-centuries-later ‘cover’ of a song by Guillaume de Machaut

In a Quiet Room   (solo violin)  – A short piece, inspired by some extraordinary paintings by Danish artist Hammershoi.  Pictures of very ordinary rooms, painted with unfussy realism, yet each one suffused with an atmosphere or ‘presence’ which is incredibly strong, and very hard to explain.

String Quartet:   three movements follow a winding path, by turns lyrical, effervescent,  dramatic, wistful.   I – Spacious    II – Swift    III – Stark; serene

Fantazia –  a short, cheeky homage to Henry Purcell

Quicksilver   – The focus of this dance-piece was a particular quality of energy: vibrant,  vital, but still and rooted at the core.

Endlessly enmeshed  A weaving together of contrasting sounds and histories in this piece for sarangi, tabla, cello, harp, piano and percussion.

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