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face171bExultation is the going – visionary words by Emily Dickinson.

Search Engines – exploration, technology and imagination: a piece for full orchestra poised at the interface of mind and machine.

The Will of the Tones – imagine notes reproducing like cells, one by one at first, til they gain a critical mass and become a seething swarm, an organism, driven by the collective ‘will’ of its own cells.  A piano piece for virtuosos only. more

Fantazia –  a short, cheeky homage to Henry Purcell

Virelai – a seven-centuries-later ‘cover’ of a song by Guillaume de Machaut

Let there be light!  Dance-video Ten minutes of non-stop dance:  CCD celebrate Newton’s exploration of colour in Properties of Light

Wheels within wheels – cello and piano each follow complexly cycling paths (I was thinking about the planets: see more on this piece and on Ptolemy’s epicycles).

Quiverful (video) – a short solo dance piece, written for Anuradha Chaturvedi, whose contemporary dance-work develops out of the Khattak tradition that she trained in, and which she still performs. For two earlier performances where some of the dancing is quite different, see the links in this post.

Hear a movement from my String Quartet – or find the whole piece here.

A Sense of Touch – four pianos, dreaming at different speeds…

a short film Ladder of the Escaping Eye.  More about this here. (And here’s an earlier post about the original piece, and Miró’s ladders.)

– and moving from ‘arthouse’ experimental to something more homely, here’s a Christmas carol I wrote a couple of years ago – As Joseph was a-walking

There are some more tracks from the archives here:

music for voices
music for strings
piano music
orchestral music

Music by Jeremy Thurlow.

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