music for strings

This is a selection of recordings of some of my music for strings. 

In a Quiet Room   (solo violin)
A short piece, inspired by some extraordinary paintings by the Danish artist Hammershoi.  Pictures of very ordinary rooms, painted with unfussy realism, yet each one suffused with an atmosphere or ‘presence’ which is incredibly strong, and very hard to explain.   This performance is by Catherine Myerscough, in a live concert recording from Hong Kong Baptist University.


String Quartet

Written for the Fitzwilliam String Quartet, who have given it several wonderful performances.  This recording is of the Cappé Quartet, who also show a fantastic feeling for how this music works.  It’s in three movements: a crude summary might go something like ‘lyrical; effervescent; dramatic’ – but it is, I hope, more interesting than that!

I – Spacious

II – Swift

III – Stark; serene


Wheels within wheels  (cello and piano)

Played here with amazing intensity by Adrian Bradbury and Richard Uttley, in a live concert in the Cambridge Festival.

There’s a little bit about this piece on the homepage, and more in this post , including youtube links.


Fantazia (for string quartet)

A short cheeky homage to Henry Purcell in his anniversary year, and also celebrating the 40th birthday of the Fitzwilliam String Quartet, who commissioned it. Played here live by the Pegasus Quartet – four wonderful players, three from Robinson College in Cambridge, one from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, in a concert in Hong Kong.



A duo for violin and vibraphone, originally written as a dance piece (as in this video, with dancer Anarudha Chaturvedi, violinist Guy Button and Percussionist Serge Vuille) but also do-able ‘straight’, with just the two players.  See more in this post.

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