contemporary Khattak

Last year I saw Anuradha Chaturvedi dancing in Indian Classical ‘Khattak’ tradition – it was a vivid, grippingly intense kind of dance and I was particularly struck by the fantastically beautiful and elaborate movements of the hands and the eyes.  Though Anuradha has learned and continues to practice traditional Khattak dance, she is also interested in creating new forms of dance and in new kinds of collobaration.

So…  to cut a long story short, this seemed like a great opportunity to me, and the result will be performed twice later this month, once in a ‘Total Performance Extravaganza’, involving all kinds of fabulous contemporary music performers, composers and interactive ideas at Robinson College, Cambridge (Saturday 16 July, 9pm) and then again in a rerun of that event in Kings College London, Strand, on Tuesday 19th at 8pm.  The new dance piece is called Quiverful: Anuradha has devised the dance and will perform it; I’ve written the music which is for violin and vibraphone (Guy Button and Serge Vuille, from the Ealdwick Ensemble).   I hope to post up a video of the performance soon.

> [added later – 3/9/11] – And now I have videos of the first two performances.  The first was in the chapel of Robinson College – Quiverful – and the second in the Great Hall of KCL, where not only are the setting, the acoustic and the vibraphone different, but also, Anuradha takes the dance in some fascinating new directions – Quiverful2.