Dante returns

The Dante evening on April 25th was a huge and wonderful occasion, bringing together all kinds of different artists from film, photography, dance, poetry, music, theatre, and many other areas.  My piece inspired by Dante’s account of Purgatory, That Second Realm, was beautifully performed by Alfredo Deano, David Curington and the Cappe Quartet, who also played quartets by Cheryl Frances Hoad and Roxanna Panufnik.   It was a tremendous evening, and we’ve decided to organise a second performance, somewhat reduced in scope and length, but retaining the dance and music, and some of the theatre, poetry and film.  The first evening sold out so we expect a high level of interest: the second performance will be on Tuesday June 23rd at 7.45, and again will feature the apt architechtural spaces of Robinson College.  I’m really looking forward to seeing and hearing the pieces danced again.

Music by Jeremy Thurlow.