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5 thoughts on “comments?”

  1. a very interesting site. Your comments on the music are very unusual.
    I really like the Search Engines music. (Also the will of the tones)

  2. Hello
    I am a pupil at St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh studying piano and composition.
    Yesterday (25th of Oct.) an ex-pupil, Simon Smith, came in to do a lunchtime concert of the programme that he will be doing for the British Contemporary Piano Competition, which includes your piece The Will of the Tones. I was fortunate enough to be page turning!

    Your piece really struck a chord in me! I would like to investigate more, how easy is it to get hold of a copy of the score? And if possible a cd? I am not quite able to do the piece justice performanc wise YET! But would love to study it from the musical point of view and analyse it from the strucural angle.
    Hope this isnt a problem! All the best.
    Peter Keenan

  3. Hi Peter – thanks for your comment. Very pleased that you enjoyed the piece. (Despite having to turn pages – a slightly hair-raising experience!) I’ll get a score sent out to you, and a CD with The Will and a few other pieces too.
    best wishes

  4. Dear Jeremy,

    I had the priviledge to attend the Wigmore Hall Concert earlier this week. I was very excited by the whole programme and especially your piece played by Rolf, The Will of the Tones – the concept behind it is itself fascinating but over-and- above that the tones themselves moved me greatly. Is the Will of the Tones available on CD, and if so how can I get it? I would very much like to hear it in full again.

    My own interest is in intuition as a form of human reasoning and I wonder if the ‘will’ that is in the tones is a form of creative intuition?

    I really do look forward to hearing from you.

    Reagrds and thanks for a great piece.

    Eugene Sadler-Smith

  5. Dear Eugene,

    Great that you enjoyed The Will of the Tones at the Wigmore on Tuesday. Thanks for your fascinating comments. Though I hadn’t ever quite put it to myself in exactly those terms, I think you’re right about the ‘will’ in the tones being the kind of creative intution which can arise if given the chance, by avoiding too much formal planning in advance.

    I’ll send you a CD with The Will and one or two other pieces so you can give it some further listenings.

    with best wishes,


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